Please see my latest work, “Local Color” at the group show in honor of Sandusky’s Bicentennial “The Boy with the…” at Brick Gallery through June 30. This was a collage of media as well as images in my “Ode to Sandusky” in it’s history and future.


“Local Color” is a mixed media painting with Sandusky and its iconic “Boy with the Boot” statue serving as inspiration. The picture is constructed on cardboard using fabric, paint, charcoal, and melted crayon. It is a work filled with symbolism throughout. Its images, in my mind, connect Sandusky and its notable statue to Americana in various forms. In part, it has to do with safe passage, past and present, through the visualization of universal hobo symbols, lawn jockeys and artists as they search for freedom in life and expression. My work also depicts parts and places of Sandusky’s past, which many fondly recall as much of the town’s strength and notoriety. Together, the picture is an aesthetic letter about home and its freedom to be whatever it wants. With a solid foundation rooted in rich history, coupled with a renewed interest in the arts, Sandusky’s future looks to be as colorful as its past.